Wednesday, April 02, 2014

20 weeks, 2 days - halfway, baby!

How did that happen? Somewhere we're halfway through the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, for the first 2 weeks, I wasn't pregnant, and for for the first 4 or 5 weeks, I didn't know. And babies can be late or early, so it's hard to know exactly when the halfway point is, but we'll call it now.

Next scan is on Thursday next week. I'm excited already! We want to find out if Zarquon is a boy or a girl. I hope (s)he co-operates!

It's time we started getting the flat ready. Rob wants to put about half our stuff in storage or get rid of it entirely. (!) Which is a good idea, I'm just not good at letting things go. But it's a small flat and right now, there's nowhere to put baby things like clothes, nappies, a cot, a baby bath, a buggy. We're planning not to buy much, but lots will come from family and it needs to go somewhere.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

19 weeks and 6 days - Mothers' day

Today is Mothering Sunday, my first ever as a mother. I am so grateful.

Last year, I dreaded Mothers' day. We'd been trying for a baby for over a year, with nothing. I was pretty down about it, feeling like I'd never get to have a baby and sad and angry with God. This year, here I am, pregnant and almost halfway to my due date.

I wish I could guarantee such a happy outcome for everyone who yearns for a baby. I know I can't. All I can offer is hugs and prayers and the knowledge that God is good.

Friday, March 28, 2014

19 weeks and 4 days

Lately, I'm enjoying pregnancy. My back has settled down and isn't keeping me awake. I haven't worn the back support for a week or two, but I'm glad I've got it if I need it. I have had cramp once this week, which I do not like at all, but that seems to be normal for pregnancy.

As far as I know, all is well with Zarquon. After not being able to get a nucal fold measurement, I had a blood test done. That revealed a less than 1 in 10,000 risk of Down's syndrome and a low risk of spina bifida, which is great news. I'm not sure I've felt her move lately, but I've never been entirely sure if the movements I feel are baby or digestive system, so I'm not too worried.

The next scan is in just under 2 weeks. We plan to find our whether Zarquon is a boy or a girl, providing he or she co-operates. :) Rob is convinced she's a girl, so much so that we tend to talk about her as 'our daughter', but we'll see!

Last week, we were on holiday in the Lake District, with our friends J and J who are expecting a baby about 5 weeks before ours. It's fun to have someone to compare notes with and they're both doctors, which means they actually know stuff. :)

Life is fairly baby-dominated for me. We've not done a lot in the way of preparation, but soon we need to start tidying and making room for baby things. I suspect a lot is going to have to either be got rid of, or out into storage somewhere. It's not a big flat and babies, for all they're small, seem to need a lot of stuff - cot, clothes, nappies, maybe a baby bath. We're not planning to buy a lot, as there are lots of hand me downs from Hannah and Debs' babies, but still, we need to find some room.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

17 weeks

I was enchanted to find out this week that Zarquon now has eyebrows and eyelashes. I wonder if they're the same beautiful golden ginger colour as Rob's?

I think I felt the baby move last night. I got up to go to the bathroom at about 3am and when I came back to bed, I could feel little bubbly, fluttery movements in my stomach. Was that my baby? I hope so. I we heard the heartbeat for the first time too. We've been lent a little heart rate monitor and though it's tricky to use, I think I heard a little, fast heartbeat that wasn't mine. I made Rob listen to it too, though I'm not sure I knew what he should be listening to.

At the weekend we met up with a couple whose wedding we will be photographing and took some photos of them. I love doing that. It's something Rob and I can do as a team. By the time of their wedding, I'll be 28 weeks pregnant. It'll be the last wedding I shoot before Zarquon is born. I hope I can manage it! There'll be quite a bump by then and I won't be up to carrying much equipment around. Rob can do the running around and climbing things and I'll have to be more static, I think.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

16 weeks

I've been pretty tired this week. My back hurts a lot. Yesterday I picked up a pelvic support band from the physio. I think it helps a bit. I need to keep doing my back exercises. I also woke up two nights in a row with leg cramps at night. So really, I've not been sleeping well. I suspect carrying heavy camera bags several days in a row is the main problem. I do hope the cramp doesn't happen every night. It's really horrible.

At the weekend Rob and I went to a photography trade show at the NEC and then to see Rob's family. My mother in law, Julia is very excited about becoming a grandma. She gave us a baby journal and a kit for making casts of baby hands and feet. Rob's siblings are fun and the dogs - three little bichon frise - are as crazy and barky as ever. I wonder how they'll react to a little person?

Friday, February 14, 2014

13 weeks and 2 days. Or is 13 weeks and 4 days?

Baby Zarquon!

Yesterday we got our first look at our baby. There's just the one in there, but he or she is alive and well and wriggly. She's buried deep; my uterus is tipped back, so she's well inside the pelvis. There's a fair amount of padding there too, so the sonographer couldn't get great pictures. But there's a baby in there! And he has all his arms and legs and a head and a spine and a heart and a stomach.

Ideally, baby would have flipped over (she's actually standing on her head, hence the upside picture) so that we could get a measure of the nucal fold (on the back of the head. It's an early test for Down's syndrome). But Zarquon (named by Rob) refused to flip, so upside down it was.

The sonographer did get a measurement from crown to rump of 72.6mm, which would make me 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant and gives us a new estimated due date of 18 August. But, babies come when they're ready, so who knows.

I am feeling a little less sick then I have, so I feel like I'm beginning to get to the second trimester glowing stage! I hope. Still quite tired though, and I'm fighting a cold/viral thing which keeps coming back. But when large swatches of the country are covered in water, with the threat of more to come, I am grateful for shelter, warmth and a tiny little wriggly jelly bean growing inside me.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

9 weeks, 6 days

Today I told all the members of my (all female) team that I'm pregnant. To a woman, they all reacted with squeals and grins and hugs. So lovely!

I'm still feeling tired and intermittently sick. The last couple of weeks have been quite draining. Life has plodded on as usual, but I'm very tired and not up to much. I'm hoping the end of the first trimester brings more energy and less nausea.

I have syringes full of low molecular weight heparin which I'm supposed to start injecting myself with this week*. The registrar I saw at the haematology clinic last week is insistent that I need to see the practice nurse for injection training. The reception staff at my surgery are insistent that the nurse can't do that and I need to see my GP. So, I'm seeing my GP on Friday. Hoping we can sort it out and I can cope with daily self-administered injections. :-S

*Blood clot in 2010 means I'm high risk for another blood clot during pregnancy. So, anti-coagulants until (I think) 8 weeks postpartum for me. What fun!