Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tweets - April 2015

2 April: Breakfast in bed.

3 April: Today Phoebe discovered how to splash on purpose. Bath time just got much wetter. Fun though. ☔

4 April: Phoebe's latest noise is a click made with her tongue. All the time.
For dinner tonight Phoebe is eating potato cakes, pork slices and broccoli. Though actually she's so far ignored the broccoli.
And the pork is a bit tough to chew so she's mostly eating the potato cakes which are just the right amount of squishy.
Now attacking the broccoli by her usual method of peeling off strips and sucking them.
She also likes to grab the frilly bits and chew the stem.

5 April: Sunday afternoon.

6 April: Are the bluebells out yet anywhere near Cambridge?

7 April: #selfielapse happy Phoebe
#selfielapse :-)
Seven minutes of Phoebe.
Rob is learning to play the recorder.

9 April: Breakfast
A baby and her kazoo. Also, if you look closely, you can see her first tooth.
Mum skills: syringing out the correct dose of calpol while holding the wriggling and unhappy intended recipient of said medicine.

10 April: The weather is warmer and I feel like I've forgotten how to dress for sunny weather. This time last year I lived in dresses & leggings.
But dresses don't work for breastfeeding and I hate all my short sleeved  . Shopping required.
Going out for the first time in the big girl seat on her buggy.
I could have sworn the person getting onto the bus after me asked for "A return ticket to the real world please." #Cambridge

14 April: This is what you're currently missing by being at work, daddy.  

15 April: Phoebe in fabulously retro Little Bird dungarees.
Cucumber for the win!

20 April: Mummy in shades. Monkey in a sun hat.
Started an argument about 'chemicals' on a baby related Facebook group. This isn't going to end well, is it?
Someone posted this …. I said the headline was highly inaccurate. Someone else said baby shampoo is full of carcinogens
Fear of chemicals makes me cross. You can make people scared of anything by invoking the c word.

21 April: Cot day two: getting to know the robot.
Shhh! Phoebe is napping. :-)

22 April: Blowing cross bubbly raspberries is probably not the most effective means of expressing one's displeasure. It is however very cute.  

23 April: Fabulous tulips.

25 April: Woken up at 12, 4 and 6 when Phoebe decided it was morning. How did people survive babies before coffee?

27 April: Berry smeared baby.  

28 April: How is my little person all smiley in the morning when she's been Howling McScreamybaby all night?

29 April: I'm being held captive by a minuscule dictator whose every whim I must interpret and satisfy or face her tiny squeaking wrath.
Strain to grab favourite toy, succeed. Throw it out of your reach. Melt down until mummy rescues it. Repeat.

30 April: Spoon for breakfast.
The frustrated baby gets her hand on the cup she's been trying to reach for the last 5 mins, only for it to roll further out of her grasp.
Poor frustrated Phoebe. The sooner she can crawl, the better for her level of happiness. Though mummy's stress levels will increase. :-S
Baby got all the kazoos!

Monday, June 01, 2015

Tweets - May 2015

1 May: All smiles and rainbows. :-)

3 May: Today's outfit is very pretty I think. Plus it has a chicken on it.

4 May: Sleepy. Nice day. Took the monkey swimming for the first time and she loved splashing and whirling in the water with daddy. Now zzzzzzzzzzzz

5 May: Mummy's phone! Gimme!
Wrapped up warm against wind and rain.

6 May: Uhoh! Phoebe has figured out how to join rolls together & get places. So far that's allowed her to pull washing off the airer & chew cables.

7 May: My favourite little person with her two tooth grin.
Raining. Hoping it stops later so I can get out to vote without getting wet.
Getting to know a new robot friend.
Pieces of roast courgette make a satisfying wet thump when dropped from a highchair.

8 May: Twitter full of doom. Best result of my night was Phoebe sleeping through the night in her cot. What sort of country will she grow up in?
Monkey on my back.

10 May: Starlit baby
One day I will rule the galaxy.

11 May: Crawling is getting closer. Just watched Phoebe  stretch forward from sitting and get all the way into a crawling position.
She stayed there for a bit and then got frustrated cos she wasn't going forwards (just backwards a little).
Feeling like checking out of the real world for a bit. Somewhere peaceful and calm and full of lovely things. Bed will do nicely.

13 May: Punk baby

15 May: Clever monkey slept through the night two nights in a row! Yay!
Turns out that monkey didn't sleep through. @robhu settled her at 2am. I was blissfully unaware!
Would you let this cute little monkey poke her finger up your nose?

17 May: I can't work out how to rotate this, so here's a Phoebe Hyperlapse, sideways.

18 May: Phoebe has been awake since 0520 and has been mostly shrieking since then. Currently in the bath as she covered herself in yoghurt.

20 May: Give a baby a box, distract her from pinching your arms or stealing your phone for at least 30 seconds.
Getting ready to go out. Realise I put on bright orange socks that clash with everything cos I wasn't planning to leave the house today.
The socks in question.

21 May: Playing my monkey bird song to soothe her to sleep. So lovely!

May 22: Definitely white bumps on Phoebe's gum. Upper right 1 and 2.
The monkey regards being dressed as a form of torture which should be forbidden by the Geneva conventions?

23 May: Mate, your piano seems to be on fire.
Bare chest, own language, stripper dress, lovely dancing and er, Old McDonald. #ESP
What does the Fox say for grown ups? #aze
I will go to bed and enjoy a babyless night's sleep. I will not watch the Eurovision votes roll in on twitter. I will go to sleep. I will.

24 May: "Turn the oven out" is a perfectly sensible idiom, even for an electric oven, right? @robhu was confused by it.
"Born and raised in London’s infamous E17"
Me too! Er, is it infamous? (we went to the same primary school).

26 May: Phoebe in the park

27 May: RT @theyarnyard
Fed up with "working people" rhetoric. What about the carers, the unwell, the at-home parents, the retired, the between-jobs?

29 May: Surrendered to sleep
Trying out a baby-sized glass.

31 May: My favourite little person. Even if I'm currently cuddling her back to sleep after another screaming fit.