Saturday, August 01, 2015

Tweets - July 2015

1 July: That lovely moment when a fussy little person gives in and falls asleep.

7 July: Celebratory lunch. (Spot the sleeping baby).
Of course five minutes later sleeping baby woke up and insisted on sharing mummy's burrito.
Hooray for a baby feeding sign that isn't a bottle!

8 July: The hazards of painting one's toenails with a crawling baby.

11 July: Picnic baby
Baby got hats.

14 July: Everything is making me sad today. Might be a tad hormonal.
Today I saw Phoebe push herself up to standing for the first time. Not sure by if accident or design but a first.
My pickle has been chewing something brown she found on the kitchen floor. Coffee bean? Gravy granule? Who knows!?

15 July: Don't mess with Yoghurt Face.

16 July: The most beautiful sight in the world is a sleeping baby.
Thunder and lightning! ⚡️

17 July: If your question is of the form "why is object X in unusual location Y?", the answer is probably Phoebe.

21 July: Stand off: @robhu vs BMW driver who refuses to reverse. I think I know who wins this one and [it] isn't the beamer.
"What have you found Phoebe? Can mummy have it?"
Phoebe hands me a dead fly.
"Thanks baby."
At least she didn't eat it. But what else has she picked up and eaten without my noticing? :-S

23 July: Chubby legs and little feets.

24 July: First time of wearing for this cardigan. Those are soot creatures and it has Totoros further down.
This week Phoebe has been mostly shaking her head and pulling herself up to standing.

25 July: Breakfast is going well, as you can see.

Classic bum in the air sleeping baby. How is that comfortable Phoebe? 
My baby stands up.

28 July: I think she likes it. :)
One confused wasp. One calm Bekki.
Baby obstacle course

31 July: Suspicious baby at the park. (Yes, I have problems with horizontal).
I do not understand people Who Write Facebook Statuses Like This. Why the extra effort for unnecessary capitalisation?