Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Tweets - June 2015

4 June: Sleeping baby. Hungry mama.
Poorly baby finally gives in to sleep. Think I'll stay on this cool shady bench a whole.

8 June: Ginger beard and lilac hair. Brave look, dude.
Resignation letter written. :)
Crankypants baby is exhausting. She just had a mini meltdown because I had the audacity to suggest she not eat my laptop power cable.

9 June: Cousins

11 June: The perfect yoghurt moustache and beard.
Cambridge in summer. Time for my seasonal hobby of walking into tourists' photos just as they press the shutter.

15 June: Tried Phoebe with cherries again. She poked them suspiciously and then they hit the floor.
Have given her porridge with yoghurt and strawberries and a few sneaky bits of cherry. I think it's going to be messy.
Ha! Bits of cherry are being identified, extracted and disposed of on the floor.
One bit made it into the mouth and was spat out again. OK I get it Phoebe, you don't like cherries.
Ah, sweet sleeping baby.

Help! I have a mobile baby!
Oh monkey!
Rob's shirt hangs around for weeks before it gets ironed. Slings get ironed the day they're washed. #priorities

17 June: About to sing at a May ball. I'm wearing a velvet jacket I made the year I started university (1998). I guess it's vintage, darling.

18 June: Today's toys: strip of cardboard from a dessert box; measuring tape (retracted); pieces of fluff from the floor (which double as snacks).
Not forgetting the ever popular piece of scrap paper, baby wipes packet, mummy's phone & whatever mummy happens to be holding right now.
She's tired, I thought. She'll settle easily and then I can go to bed. Maybe I'll be asleep by 8.

20 June: 3:30am. Rob & I try to sleep perched on the edges of the bed while Phoebe rolls from side to side in the vast space between us, singing.

23 June: Yesterday a trip to the Dr to get chest pain checked out resulted in an ambulance to A&E, x-ray, scan and a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism.
Memo to self: next time you have chest pain maybe get it checked out before you've had it for a month, especially if you're short of breath.
Grateful for swift diagnosis, treatment that works with breastfeeding and lots of lovely medical staff.
I just need someone who speaks baby to explain to Phoebe that mummy needs lots of rest!
Reading. :)

24 June: Mama needs sleep. Baby says "naps are for wimps!". :( Hurry up Nana!
Sous vide salmon with philadelphia pasta and asparagus

26 June: It seems when I got braces I signed up for 12-18 months of @robhu singing Teenage Dirtbag at me. I don't remember that on the consent form.

27 June: Cuddling a sleeping baby: never not awesome.
This child has been feverish and cuddly all day. But now it's bedtime, she wants to party with my hairbrush. 

29 June: Most overused phrase this month: "Phoebe, what are you eating?"
(fluff or dried food she's picked up from the floor. Must hoover more).