Wednesday, March 16, 2005

it's very pink around here isn't it?

Perhaps it's time for a change, but I quite like pink.

The job situation has changed yet again. I got offered a job I'd alreay been turned down for. So I accepted it. It feels like going back to my roots a bit, being physics related, although with a scary side order of computing which I don't really know much about. I can bluff my way through most of the things you find in the average office but anything that involves programming tends to throw me. I don't think I need to know much so since my job's organising conferences and public engagement stuff. I don't start for a couple of weeks, so I'll find out then.

In the meantime I ought to tidy up around here.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


I'm obviously out of the habit of getting up in the morning and two days of work has exhausted me. Pathetic really. I'm enjoying the job though. And reading on the tube. Ah, Victoria Line tubes, how I've missed you. The smell, the jostle, the way you turn my bogies black. There's a computer fault this morning meaning the oyster card readers aren't working. Hoorah for Ken Livingstone and London Transport.

Monday, March 07, 2005


I've just been offered a job. This is slightly insane, since until I got a phonecall from the company this morning, I'd never heard of them. Let me explain.

Last Wednesday afternoon I answered an email ad asking for voluntary help to launch an award scheme. On Thursday, I had an interview with someone at the award organisers who was very helpful and enthusiastic about me using a work placement with them as a way to find a permanent job with one of their contacts. She obviously liked me and passed my CV on to one of agencies organising the launch party, who called me this morning to come in and have a chat. I went along, not knowing quite what to expect and lo and behold, they want to offer me a permanent job!

So the upshot is I'm going to do the voluntary thing for two weeks and if I like what I'm doing, I can stay on permanently. Hoorah!

God is brilliant!