Friday, April 01, 2005

Help, I know nothing about cars!

I'm having one of those moments when I want to be able to borrow a man from somewhere. One who knows about cars, specifically bugs and their many constituent parts.

My bug is having tyre troubles. It had a new set of tyres recently, after the old ones were revealed to be mismatched, all the wrong sizes and wearing thin. Unfortunately, this revealed the old wheel rims to be corroded and in one case incapable of sealing properly. So now I'm trying to track down replacement wheel rims, which is tricky when they don't make them anymore and the only possible sources is dead bugs, whose wheel rims will be in a similar state to my current ones. So I've been phoning carbreakers and scrapyards in the hope of finding something suitable, trying desparately to sound like I know what I'm talking about and usually failing. So far, the only viable option seems to be some G2 wheels (?), dunno what they are, may have misheard. I'm going to see them tomorrow, if I can find my way to Plumstead.

And I really wish I had someone who knew stuff about cars and would make sure I didn't get ripped off, to come with me.

EDIT: A little more research suggests GT wheels. Which will make it look a little different from my current shiny hubcaps, but I think I'd rather have wheels that work than wheels that look good.

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