Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm a girl, honest!

Finding myself described elsewhere as 'he' makes think I should write something really girly. So...

On Saturday I went shopping with my mum, to our favourite shoe shops near Baker Street. It's always wonderful to be able to walk into a shoe shop and know that you can try on all the shoes in the shop, not just the 2 pairs they might occasionally have in your size. I ended up buying some sandals and some splendiferous shiny silver shoes. Then we went to LTS where I bought the most gorgeous mint green and silver coat, which matches the shoes beautifully. Now I just have to find an occasion to wear them. :-)

Don't worry Catez, I'm not offended, just amused!


Agent tim said...

Hey, you might like to know that I called Catez a he at first! It was pretty funny. Keep up the good work here!

Catez said...

Yeah, I've been called a he on a few blogs. Oh well - I amended the post. Just wanted to point people your way.