Monday, August 15, 2005

and some news

The scary thing was a job interview for a job I really wanted. I've not been happy where I am at the moment, and although I wasn't actively looking for something new, I was asking God to show me whether I should stay put or look for something else. Then this job came up. It's in a field much closer to my heart and the odd mix of skills required sounded sort of like me, so I applied.

The interview was the day before I went away and they rang me up that evening to say they wanted to offer me the job! That gave me the two weeks when I was on holiday to think and pray about it, but really I'd already decided! I'm writing my letter of acceptance today.

The job's in Cambridge, which initially put me off. I love living in London and moving away from my current church will be a wrench. But the prospect of moving out of my parents' house and being properly independent is exciting. I don't start until January, so I've got time to plan and find somewhere to live. It will also make my current job more bearable knowing it will come to an end in a few months, plus I think explaining where I'm going to next might lead to some interesting conversations with my colleagues.

I realise I'm being a little cryptic about what exactly I'll be doing. My job offer is conditional on the approval of a committee which next meets in September. Provided that goes through, I'll be able to say more about it then. Suffice to say, I'm very happy and thanking God for His answer to my prayers.

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