Monday, May 15, 2006


I am looking at websites of US universities and there are lots of things I don't get about US academia.

The word 'faculty' used as a collective noun, in a similar way to 'staff', but always 'faculty' never 'the faculty'.

Professors whose title is Dr.

Everyone has a middle initial and uses it.

A sort of lack of departments. Maybe they just call them something else.

My head hurts. I'm listening to a horrible classic fm type radio station viw i-Tunes on the office mac. The music's OK, but it's all chopped up into little bits, like someone's taken a selection of classical and baroque CDs and put them all into one big shuffle. Which is probably what it is. With a teeth-setting-on-edge computerised voice in between tracks telling you what each one is.


What I really want to listen to is Radio 3, but I can't make Safari find the plug-in to make realplayer work. So I'm stuck with this.

I think I'm stressed because I know I've got to write an essay tonight, but first I've got to do some work and what I need to do is fairly uninspiring and mindless and involves negotiating US university websites which are unfamiliar and therefore irritating.

Better stop and get back to it then.


Anna Broadway said...

Dahling, feel free to send an email if you want an insider’s take on the US uni system. ;) I could probably explain at least a couple curious things ... :)

Mary deB said...

I was going to make the same suggestion as Anna. I can't make head or tail of British education, but I know North America! Just ask...

Pig wot flies said...

Thanks people. I more or less worked it all out in the end, but next time I'm stuck, I know where to ask for help.