Thursday, November 02, 2006

unhappy bug

furry bug, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

Turk got bashed. :-(

It wasn't my fault, he was parked and someone went into him. I think all that's damaged is the running board on the driver's side and some scrapes on the paint. Fortunately, the person who ran into him was honest enough to own up and was very apologetic. Still, I could have done without that news last night after a long and frustating day.

It's only a thing and it's fixable. It's just it's one more thing that needs doing when I've no time to do anything about it.


Debs said...

Poor ol' Turk :-(

Debs said...

I just republished my whole blog and now it's there. Phew! - That was the extent of my ideas of how to may it appear again!

Rosie said...

How very, very, frustrating for you. Hope you can get Turk fixed swiftly, reliably and cheaply!