Friday, July 20, 2007

bizzy backson

Not dead, busy.

Say hello and tell me nice things.


HP said...

YOu are wonderful. Well done for all your amazing hard work. You are brill and we love you. Big hugs.
HP xxx

Debs said...

We finally got round to hoovering the front room. Also, I have some things I want to list on ebay, I just have to remember to ask Daddy if I can borrow his camera.
Oh, and hello :-)

Brian in Fresno said...

I gotta say, as a true black thumb, that your flowers out of plastic bags are amazing! I do hope you aren't in all the terrible flooding that I've been reading about.

It was a year ago now that my family and I were in Scotland and the outer Hebrides. I'm wishing I was back there. The end of our trip was in London then down to the Cornwall area and Exeter.