Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm OK

Thursday got better. Friday's been good, apart from an inexplicable face-ache which lasted about an hour and then went away again. A reaction to the cold wind? Sinus pain? I've no idea. Anyway, it went away and hasn't come back, so far.

I have finished knitting the jumper I started at Christmas! It's currently drying after a good bath. This should really be on the knitting blog, but that's currently on hiatus until I find a workaround to the not having a camera problem. Ho hum.


Elly said...

Have you seen the dentist yet. Might be a good idea. Face ache could be anything. its cold isn't it? have you seem any smow yet. Stars are lovely tonight.

Pig wot flies said...

No snow here. It was very cold yesterday and looks like it's going to be today.

Amrita said...

Glad you are feeling better my dear.

Keep your face covered ...actually head ...with a scarf OK.

Would love to see your jumper.

Watched Thin Blue Line on BBC...its funny and my fav Keeping Up Appearances.