Friday, April 11, 2008

ooh look, a book

Anna Broadway's blog Sexless in the City makes me laugh and scratch my head and laugh a bit more, being about the trials and tribulations of love and dating as a Christian girl. (The head-scratching is caused by my lack of knowledge of American dating culture, mostly). She hasn't blogged much for ages, but we'll forgive her because she's been writing a book (which you can pre-order here from Not available on currently. Dunno if it's going to be published over here, but maybe if enough people look interested...)

(And she's running a draw for a free copy if you mention her book in a blog post.)

And there's a book soundtrack on iTunes too. (Again, not Which intrigues me. It's rather UltraWordesque.


Anna Broadway said...

Ah contraire, dahling! It even seems they have a handful of used copies available (mysteriously, since the book’s not been released yet). Have at it. ;0

Pig wot flies said...

Interesting. Well books clearly have a life of their own. :o)