Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday again?

Hello there! It's Wednesday again and I haven't posted for a week. Life is going by in a bit of a blur at the moment and will probably continue to do so, what with a part time job, a boyfriend, two sisters' weddings to help organise, an MA dissertation to think about (if not actually start on yet), post viral fatigue still making itself a nuisance and umpteen other things to do. I need to practise saying no to stuff!

Still, I like having things to do, even if I get tired. I'm having fun. (And I am getting to bed at reasonable times, mostly.)

Spring has arrived! Hooray! And the clocks change soon. The time change will probably throw me out for a while, it usually does at the best of times, but I know that and can prepare by getting plenty of sleep.

On with the day.


Lauren said...

you guys change your clocks too? I thought only America did that. I hope we stop doing it on account of it completely messing with my mind.

good luck with everything! It sounds like you're having a lot of fun right now ^_^

Nathan said...

GLL: Oh but think of the endless evenings in summer! Clocks going forward + living this far north = light till 10.30 in high summer. Delicious.

PWF: Get to bed! (in the voice of Boy Lard) Not right now, obviously, cos it's the morning. But use it when you need it. =o)