Saturday, May 16, 2009


Tonight is Debs' annual birthday celebration and Eurovision party. Since her birthday is on 18 May, she almost always organises a party to coincide with watching the Eurovision song contest. I haven't been able to make it for years for one reason or another, but this year, I'll be there.

Everyone who's coming gets a country to represent by wearing a costume and bringing food to represent their country. My country is Israel, so I'm taking falafels and hummous and wearing a tea-towel headdress and carrying a sheep (think nativity play shepherds). Should be fun. I'm sure there will be photos.


Lauren said...

woohoo! I get America! jk. That sounds like so much fun!!!! I've never heard of this song contest before so I'll have to look it up. happy birthday debs! Have fun!!!

Debs said...

Thanks Lauren!
I had a fantastic time. Thanks for coming Bekki :)