Saturday, April 23, 2011

Compare and contrast

contrast, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

Here we are on holiday in Cornwall last month. This was a particularly foggy day towards the beginning of the week, when I made Rob drive all the way from our cottage near Helston to Penzance (which was less exciting than I thought it would be) then to Land's End in the fog, and back again and then go on a (short) muddy walk to find an ancient village. He was not impressed. But I enjoyed myself.

More pictures from our holiday here .


Debs said...

We demand more blogging.

Pease? Pease? Ant-ee Bekki? More?

Anonymous Reader of this blog! said...

Yes, more blogging! How are things? Some of us out here in blogland miss hearing about The Pig Wot Flies, and Mr. Pig Wot Flies.

But in any case - best wishes and God's blessing to you both.

Pigwotflies said...

It's coming! Promise!