Tuesday, January 31, 2012

lost things

A list of things I once owned, which I have lost or got rid of and wish I still owned.

* Eyelash curlers
* Purple false eyelashes
* A blue t-shirt with a fierce toothy fish on
* A pair of wide-legged dark red cords
* Several lipsticks, including white, dark burgundy red and clover pink.
* A pair of black leather gloves
* Life, a User's Manuel by George Perec
* Imagine: A Christian Vision for the Arts by Steve Turner
* Silver mascara


Elly said...

which are which
should i
I be looking

Pigwotflies said...

Nah. I found the Steve Turner book on my shelf and the rest are long gone, for various reasons.

Elly said...

glad you found the book anyway.