Friday, September 02, 2005

and relax...

I know I'm probably the last person in the blogosphere to catch up with eBay.
But I just bought stuff on it for the first time and am feeling very pleased with myself. It's very tense, watching the minutes tick down on the item you're bidding for, refreshing the page every two minutes (er, seconds) to see if you've been outbid, the relief when the item is yours.

Perhaps not something I should do too often. Too stressed-making.

(I bought lots of double-pointed knitting needles and some bright pink mohair blend wool. Just in case you're interested.)

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Paula said...

Excellent choices. Practical too since those will be something you are going to use and create something with, I assume? I have never bid at eBay, but I have a dear friend who began collecting tea balls by bidding on eBay. She has quite a collection and when we get together, we sit and have a little tea party using them. She gets a kick out of finding the best place to display the newest one.