Tuesday, September 20, 2005

the young turk

the young turk
Originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.
Meet my new bug. He's shiny and turquoise and seems to have a little problem with a leaking petrol tank. Hopefully I'll get that sorted soon. In the mean time, he needs a name. So far suggestions include Tom (a bit boring I think), Olly (maybe), Moses (Er? HP suggested this one. Admittedly the only Moses I have ever met was turquoise (he's a large toy dog)) and The Young Turk (or perhaps Turq) which is what's currently sticking. Any more suggestions? He's definitely a boy.


Paula said...

I think The Young Turq is a fine name and you can nickname him Turq. As he begins to age, he will find solace in knowing he is still "The Young" at heart even though he is aged in body. You have a lovely 'young' man there. Congratulations on your new relationship and I'm sure you two will work out the petrol tank problem.

Monkeypask said...

What a FAB new car
I think Turq is a great name!

Damon said...

Just from what I can see, Turq has already "aged" and now you just need to love him through his elder years. I've been through 3 different manifestations of VW's and though it was a love/hate relationship every time, I always have the temptation to find another.

Congrats on a nice specimen!