Monday, April 03, 2006

I am not ill

It's just that someone has submerged me in treacle and replaced my brain with cotton wool. I can't be ill, there's too much to do this week.


I had a fab weekend. Went to a friend's house Saturday night, met her housemates and some other people came round and was all good. Sunday, went to church, gave someone a lift home, sat in the sun in her garden for a bit. That was a first for 2006. Sun! Sitting outside and not freezing! Cooked myself lunch, aubergine and tomato sauce. Don't quite knw what I did to ruin it, but the aubergine wasn't very nice. Went to the same friend's house to watch the boat race (Oxford won! Cambridge looked like they might sink!), went for a walk, came back and ate fondue with assorted housemates.

It's the first time in ages I've actually had a social life at the weekend. Hurrah!

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Nayf said...

Mmmm, treacle. Glad you had a good weekend, mate :)