Tuesday, April 18, 2006

let's go to Dungeness

That's what the song said, so HP and I did. I've wanted to go there for ages. It's a strange place, a very flat and simple landscape, mostly just shingle and sea. And two big power stations. We walked along the shore looking at the sea and found egg cases, dead fish, seaweed and things that had drifted in on the tide. All the houses are small and squat. There aren't many fences, boundaries and garden merge into each other and the beach. You can visit the power stations. We declined and went to the bird sanctuary instead. There were oyster catchers, coots, swans, swallows and ducks, cows and sheep and lambs. On the way home, we stopped at Ivychurch to eat ice cream and looked at the church. In the long grass of the churchyard, we disturbed a grass snake. It wiggled off before I could catch it on film.

It was a fun day, as much good for talking on the journey as for the things we saw.

Edited to add: We found stones with holes in too. HP wondered if there were any. As she said it, I saw one at her feet.

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