Monday, June 12, 2006

grrr/random collected thoughts

I missed marking my 200th post. This is post number 203.

My neck and throat hurt. This is silly. I keep on being sort of low-level not quite healthy. I'm hoping it's just a combination of hot weather, tiredness and having an exam tomorrow and I'll feel better soon.

Sorry, this blog seems to veer between moaning and hooray-ing with not much interesting content in between. Is anyone still reading who isn't related to me?

The most exciting part of my weekend was seeing the underside of my car when I went to pick it up from the garage. It was like being underneath a whale skeleton.

It's getting too hot to knit wool. Perhaps I'll have to knit cooler fibres like silk, cotton and linen.

Over the last week I have burned, labelled and packaged a large stack of DVDs and CD that I made for work. This is very satisfying. I still have another, slightly smaller stack to make.

Debs is a far better blogger than me. She tends to have things to say.

I'm trying to work out what it is I don't like about football-based masculinity. That peculiar sort of English, beery, lary, loud, blokiness that completely sets my teeth on edge. I can't work out if it's snobbery or fear or just sheer opposite-to-me-ness. If I ever turn my thoughts into coherent sentences, they'll appear here.

In the meantime I shall be hiding somewhere with books and knitting and paracetamol.

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