Friday, June 16, 2006

not moaning

I keep planning blog posts in my head while cycling home and then forgetting them completely. I think it's a head-clearing on the way home thing. Combing the thoughts of the day out your head and leaving them along the road side. Which is very un-environmentally friendly. Clearly I need the mental equivalent of a compost bin. Or something.

Never mind.

Concert tonight. Still coldy. I can sing, but everything resonates oddly and I can't hear very well. I'll just sing on regardless and hope there aren't too many wrong notes.

Challenge - write a blog post without using the letter i.
Why are they so many dead squirrels around?

Going home now.

Have a good weekend.


Debs said...

I've lost the number 6 key from my phone, so people are gonna be getting texts that try not to use the letters t,u&v more than I possibly can (you can press it if you use a pen or key or something). It's actually harder than you might think.
Perhaps I need a new phone...

Debs said...

I so typed 8, but it came out as 6 in my last comment. I mean 8. Otherwise I'd have lost m,n&o. Duh!

Pig wot flies said...

Maybe it's time you got a new phone.