Tuesday, August 29, 2006

back from Scotland

Just a few pictures of Scotland on flickr at the moment, more to come when I get my films developed. This cow is walking along the road North of Gairloch towards a lighthouse, the name of which escapes me and which we never got to.

Scotland is beautiful, the weather wasn't warm, but it wasn't too wet either. We saw few midges in our first week (on the West coast, so plenty of sea breezes to blow them away) but rather a lot in our second week (on Skye). We walked, we picnicked, we drove about, we paddled in the sea, we sat on the beach and read, we knitted, we took photos, we ate curry rather a lot.

A good holiday, I'd say.

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Dotun said...

welcome back. i hope to see you before i head to bristol,im trying to write up my dissertation at the moment.