Monday, January 15, 2007


Despite evidence to the contrary (like today's earlier post) and blips like this weekend (very flat, mainly due to tiredness and a modicum of disappointment), I am mostly happy at the moment. This feels like an achievement. I spent lots of 2006 being not happy, and lonely and a bit moany and grumpy (see the archives).

I put this down to lots of things. A warm and friendly place to live, lots of really good friends, a job that, while being hard and sometimes frustrating, I'm excited about, being settled in one place for a good length of time and, I'd say, most importantly, God. I learnt a lot last year about how much God loves me. Not because I'm better than anyone else, or more important, or more holy, but because he does. And that's a pretty mind-blowing, joyful-making thing to know. And one I want to hang onto and know more and more.

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DLE said...


I'm happy you're happy.

Be blessed!