Thursday, September 04, 2008

finishing things

Today I finished my last essay for a while. The next one is my dissertation, which I can't face at the moment, so I'm taking some time off and coming back to it in February. Or later. Or maybe never. Who knows. But today I filled in the forms to intermit for a semester.

Today I also finished the video editing and uploading I've been doing at the place I worked for until a year ago. So, approximately a year after I left, I actually finished working there.

Next week, I must start looking for a job in earnest. For the next few days I'm going to relax, sleep lots and generally flop.

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Chris said...

Hello! I think we were at your church this morning, assuming it's the one in your link bar. It seemed nice, and in spite of myself I quite enjoyed the charismaticness of the whole thing. I'm not sure about going to a church that doesn't allow women in leadership, but the people we spoke to seemed friendly and less... weird than at some charismatic churches I've been to!