Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what next?

I've had a few days of fun and relaxation. Now I'm back to being stressed again. The weird dreams seemed to have gone, before returning with a vengeance last night. I suspect the fact that I knew I was planning to start job-hunting properly today made me feel tense and my sub-conscious reacted by producing scary monsters and a set of disconcerting nested dreams I kept trying to shake myself awake from, with no success. Why does my brain do that? Just when I could do with a good night's sleep, it goes crazy and weird. :-(

Today, I have been mostly filling in temp agency forms and trying not to pick fights with Americans. Tonight, I'm helping Liz strip wallpaper. Tomorrow, who knows?


Elly said...

Fights with Americans. which Americans? Real life or in the blogosphere?

Rosie said...

I'm getting deja-vu reading this. I've got to start job-hunting tomorrow (I've just walked out of a job) and I remember terrifyingly vivid dreams from my days on antidepressants. The worst came time and again: I was in Paris and animals were busy rounding up humans and locking us in cages where we were forced to eat excrement. It was all there in hyper-reality: smells, textures, nausea, panic). Maybe we should get together in a soothing cafe (Michaelhouse, Fair Shares) for calming camomile tea!

Debbie said...

So sorry to hear about your horrible dreams! I'll say a prayer that you sleep well and PEACEFULLY tonight.

Please don't pick a fight with this American! ;o) But seriously, if your talking about what I think your talking about, know that those first few comments were NOT from the "real," original group of guys over there and that there are some people who comment over there that are WAY off base. I've been with Bird & Brandi reading some comments and all of us are shocked and confused and everything in between. Sorry there's such inconsiderate people out there! (And let your friend, Nathan?, know the same).

Can you believe I'll be in Bedford in a week?! I'll definitely plan a trip to Cambridge!

Pig wot flies said...

Americans in the blogosphere, on Thinklings. Boo's right, the Thinklings themselves, of which Bird is one, are lovely. Some of the people who comment there are less lovely. I don't normally comment on US political posts, but Bill posted a column from the Guardian about how the election looks from Europe, asking for thoughts. So some people commented, I commented, Nathan commented... It's all fine, really, mostly good-natured and civl.

Elly said...

Yes I went and read some of it at least