Friday, February 14, 2014

13 weeks and 2 days. Or is 13 weeks and 4 days?

Baby Zarquon!

Yesterday we got our first look at our baby. There's just the one in there, but he or she is alive and well and wriggly. She's buried deep; my uterus is tipped back, so she's well inside the pelvis. There's a fair amount of padding there too, so the sonographer couldn't get great pictures. But there's a baby in there! And he has all his arms and legs and a head and a spine and a heart and a stomach.

Ideally, baby would have flipped over (she's actually standing on her head, hence the upside picture) so that we could get a measure of the nucal fold (on the back of the head. It's an early test for Down's syndrome). But Zarquon (named by Rob) refused to flip, so upside down it was.

The sonographer did get a measurement from crown to rump of 72.6mm, which would make me 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant and gives us a new estimated due date of 18 August. But, babies come when they're ready, so who knows.

I am feeling a little less sick then I have, so I feel like I'm beginning to get to the second trimester glowing stage! I hope. Still quite tired though, and I'm fighting a cold/viral thing which keeps coming back. But when large swatches of the country are covered in water, with the threat of more to come, I am grateful for shelter, warmth and a tiny little wriggly jelly bean growing inside me.


Mair said...

Oh my, how exciting! Lots of good wishes to Baby Zarquon...

Anonymous said...
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