Wednesday, March 05, 2014

16 weeks

I've been pretty tired this week. My back hurts a lot. Yesterday I picked up a pelvic support band from the physio. I think it helps a bit. I need to keep doing my back exercises. I also woke up two nights in a row with leg cramps at night. So really, I've not been sleeping well. I suspect carrying heavy camera bags several days in a row is the main problem. I do hope the cramp doesn't happen every night. It's really horrible.

At the weekend Rob and I went to a photography trade show at the NEC and then to see Rob's family. My mother in law, Julia is very excited about becoming a grandma. She gave us a baby journal and a kit for making casts of baby hands and feet. Rob's siblings are fun and the dogs - three little bichon frise - are as crazy and barky as ever. I wonder how they'll react to a little person?

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