Friday, March 28, 2014

19 weeks and 4 days

Lately, I'm enjoying pregnancy. My back has settled down and isn't keeping me awake. I haven't worn the back support for a week or two, but I'm glad I've got it if I need it. I have had cramp once this week, which I do not like at all, but that seems to be normal for pregnancy.

As far as I know, all is well with Zarquon. After not being able to get a nucal fold measurement, I had a blood test done. That revealed a less than 1 in 10,000 risk of Down's syndrome and a low risk of spina bifida, which is great news. I'm not sure I've felt her move lately, but I've never been entirely sure if the movements I feel are baby or digestive system, so I'm not too worried.

The next scan is in just under 2 weeks. We plan to find our whether Zarquon is a boy or a girl, providing he or she co-operates. :) Rob is convinced she's a girl, so much so that we tend to talk about her as 'our daughter', but we'll see!

Last week, we were on holiday in the Lake District, with our friends J and J who are expecting a baby about 5 weeks before ours. It's fun to have someone to compare notes with and they're both doctors, which means they actually know stuff. :)

Life is fairly baby-dominated for me. We've not done a lot in the way of preparation, but soon we need to start tidying and making room for baby things. I suspect a lot is going to have to either be got rid of, or out into storage somewhere. It's not a big flat and babies, for all they're small, seem to need a lot of stuff - cot, clothes, nappies, maybe a baby bath. We're not planning to buy a lot, as there are lots of hand me downs from Hannah and Debs' babies, but still, we need to find some room.

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