Monday, December 01, 2014

Tweets - November 2014

Nov 2: Grateful that brown noise sends Phoebe to sleep. Also the car (she slept all the way home from Exeter to Cambridge).

Nov 3: One of the unexpected pleasures of having a baby is making up silly songs to sing to her.

Nov 3: poor baby! Tongue tie still limiting her, six weeks after we had it snipped. Not clear if regrowth, too small cut or scarring from infection

Nov 3: And no wonder feeding is so painful. She can't make a good seal easily and getting a good deep latch is hard for her.

Nov 4: It's a lovely day to be sitting in bed, feeding the baby and watching fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky.

Nov 4: The view from my bed this morning.

Nov 4: Here is a cute baby. :-)

Nov 4: Breastfeeding so far has been one painful problem after another yet it's still the best part of my day feeding my baby daughter to sleep.

Nov 5: Hope Lords like @lordstoddart @Dafydd_Wigley @LordJohnBrowne vote not to allow sell-off of forests today in #infrastructurebill debate

Nov 6: Put sleeping baby in cot.
5 mins later look in cot. Big blue eyes.
"Hello baby, you're supposed to be asleep."
Big grin. "Play time mummy!"

Nov 6 :"Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow. Everybody needs a bosom." Except I don't think Cornershop ever sang about throwing up on said bosom.

Nov 11: Small cross baby screams like a tiny banshee. I yelp as she latches on too shallowly for the umpteenth time. :-(

Nov 11: 2nd tongue tie division yesterday. Hoping things will improve but we've got 3 months of painful too shallow latching to unlearn.

Nov 12: Cranky baby needs a nap.
Cranky baby refuses to nap.
Cranky baby gets crankier.
Come on cranky baby, go to sleep!

Nov 12: Baby finally succumbs to sleep. If course now I'm stuck under a baby.

Nov 13: Hello Kitty baby.

Nov 13: Babies under 2 months can only see in 2 dimensions? Crazy! Though maybe more accurate to say they can't perceive depth.

Nov 13: RT @LittlePanda82
So I've learned recently that Farage thinks Armistice was a bad idea, and wants to americanise the NHS. Cant we all agree he's awful yet?

Nov 14: RT @greensideknits
Fluffy pigs! … BBC News (World)

Nov 14: Waiting for the bus.

Nov 15: Aargh! Every feed has become the battle of the latch. I make it deeper, she pulls it shallower. Come on baby, learn to use your tongue!

Nov 16: Fed the baby to sleep. Cocked up the transfer to her Moses basket. Bother.

Nov 18: Like father, like daughter.

Nov 19: Oh Phoebe. Why does it take so long to get an overtired baby to sleep?

Nov 24: Cuddling my sleepy milky daughter. Neither of us is quite awake yet.

Nov 24: My daily companion for breakfast in bed.

Nov 25: It's not been the best of days. Tears were shed. Currently feeling like bad wife and inadequate mother. Hoping sleep will help.

Nov 27: Yesterday Phoebe was pursing her lips and looking like she was trying to make a noise. Today she's blowing wet bubbly raspberries. So sweet!

Nov 27: Phoebe is staring intently at the ladies standing next to us at the bus stop having an animated conversation in (I think) mandarin.

Nov 27: Keep getting angry that Phoebe's tongue tie wasn't picked up until 6 weeks. If we'd had earlier intervention, would things be better now?

Nov 29: This is my 4am face. Let's play, mummy!

Nov 29: Why are baby fingernails so sharp? Ouch!

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