Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tweets - December 2014

December 1: Phoebe hungry and cross. I think the milk isn't coming out fast enough. Much chomping, pinching & taking herself off to express displeasure.

December 3: Pics from wedding at the weekend reveal how lumpen I look. :-( But my new wrap sling arrived today. :-)

And Phoebe is currently asleep in it so I think she approves.

December 4: Have you finished eating yet baby? I want to go back to sleep.
Finished, Mummy? Never! Om nom nom nom.

Bought a babywearing coat online. They sent the wrong size. Sent it back. New coat is right size but wrong colour. Also not sure about fit.

Dunno whether to keep, return for refund or return for correct colour. Will try it on with different combos of clothes/wrap to check fit.

December 6: My monkey is a restless eater. Head constantly trying to manoeuvre into a better position, legs kicking, hands pinching handfuls of breast.

December 8: A shower and breakfast and already dressed before Phoebe demands a feed? Luxury!

Rob has a go at babywearing.

December 10: Oh baby. Are you going to go to sleep now you've finished eating?
No mummy, I'm going to lie here being cute & blowing raspberries at you.

Also coughing and sniffling and sounding like a piglet.

December 12: Feeding Phoebe while the wind howls and rain drums on the roof. Feeling warm, cosy and thankful for shelter and heating.

Wriggle. Wriggle. Fart. Look at hands. Blow raspberry. Poke tongue out at mummy. Big grin. Chew fist. Wriggle some more. Repeat.

December 15:
Anxiety dream about playing in a school concert? Really, subconscious? I've not been at school for a very long time.

Odd day. Phoebe napped in her basket this morning, then screamed for an hour, then had third set of jabs, then slept all afternoon.

I think screaming was ear ache and sleep is probably the best thing for her but she's not eaten much since morning feed, just little snacks.

RT@LynnCSchreiber Love this! Lego Friends

December 16: A year ago today I found out I was pregnant with Phoebe. Best Christmas present ever. :-)

Trying to persuade sad baby with a temperature that sleep will help her feel better. Fortunately she doesn't need persuading to take calpol.

December 17: RT@LadyFOHF A fantastic takedown of @rustyrockets (Russell Brand) by the man whose lunch he ruined. (It was paella)

It's the kind of day where at 1pm you're sitting on your bed wrapped in a damp towel feeding a baby who refuses to nap.

December 18: Clean jeans put on approximately an hour ago. Already adorned with baby sick.

Ridiculously excited that @robhu has the day off which means I can go and get my hair cut. Baby free outing!

There's nothing quite like cuddling a sleepy milk-filled baby. :-)

December 19: My baby girl giggles! Apparently daddy saying Bang! is hilarious. :-)

December 21: Milk-filled at 4am.

December 22: Taking a sniffing, coughing snotty baby to the GP. Probably just a cold but it's been weeks and getting worse not better. #firsttimemummy

Cuddling a snotty baby who only wants to sleep on mummy. This does not bode well for getting the flat tidy today. Although sling will help.

December 23: Full of snot baby who doesn't want to feed plus blocked duct lump equals woe. Thank goodness for breast pump.

December 24: Sitting in my sister-in-law's pink teenager bedroom pumping milk for my snot-congested baby.

December 25: Listening to my little family snoring. Snot Encrusted baby and not snotty but snory @robhu. Happy. Except I would like the snot to abate.

Merry Christmas from Phoebe and her giant bear.

December 31: Cuddling a sleeping baby. Should put her down in her basket again and go to sleep myself but savouring the moment for a bit. :-)

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