Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tweets - January 2015

January 2: Still in bed and stuck under a sleeping baby. Can I stay here all day?

January 3: Breakfast in bed accompanied by the gurgles of a happy baby. :o)

January 4: Baby wombats look like old Kung Fu masters.  :-)

January 4: Wombats are lovely. … I am a tired, sleep deprived mama and baby wombats make me cry. I should go to sleep.

January 5: Twitter has a distinct back to reality vibe this morning with an undercurrent of illness. I am in the feeling not well category.

January 7: Baby in a sling, in a fleece, on a bus.


January 8: “@qikipedia: Online sales of baby equipment spike at 4am in Britain.” I'm not surprised.

January 9: Morning snuggle. (No we haven't got out of bed yet).

January 10: Unhappy baby with a slight temperature this evening. Just over 2 weeks since we were in contact with chicken pox. Hoping it's not that. :-S

Currently sharing a bed with: a dozen baby books; assorted toys (some with bells in); torch; thermometer; cot mattress; muslin squares; hat.

Not currently a baby, though that happens. Nor a @robhu who prefers the sofa as he doesn't get woken up there.

Someday soon the baby (and the cot mattress) will be in a cot in a different room. I'll miss her, but at least I'll get @robhu back.

January 11: Trying a dreamfeed. Mostly because I'm getting fed up with waking up at 4am with painfully full boobs.

January 12: In the long term, is fabric conditioner good or bad for clothes?

The eyelids flutter. The thumb slides out of her mouth. She realises, replaces it, but it begins to slide once more.

At last the thumb falls out, the eyes close and she sleeps.

Jan 13: A we're still in bed and I can't get the exposure right selfie. (teething baby currently not grumpy, fortunately).

Grumpy teething baby asleep in sling. Babywearing FTW!

RT @fabsternation
Slow clap for Waltham Forest council (yet again). Labour? What Labour? May as well be Tory > … #Leyton #Walthamstow

Retweeted that and then got an email about similar shenanigans in Barnet. What's up with that London councils!?

January 15: Sad teething baby will only sleep on mummy.

Lying in bed in my parents' house listening to soft baby breaths inside and wild whirling winds outside. Night night.

January 17: Grumpy baby keeps wailing. A little soothed by the Blue Danube Waltz.

January 18: Being cute at 7am.

January 20: Ah, sweet sleepy milk-filled baby. :-)

January 22: Only one thing for it. We'll have to take our new babywearing coat out for a spin.

Finally asleep! And I'm now stuck.

January 25: What is it that after a really good feed makes my breast tingle/itch/burn like crazy so I can't get to sleep?
[Answer: Vasospasm. I thought it was thrush for a long time, but I was wrong. So painful! Improved with being vigilant about good latch, keeping my nipples warm and taking high dose vitamin B complex.]

RT @FictionFox: The thought of the #NHS is one of the reasons why I try to remind myself that it's my duty and my joy to pay tax, really.

January 27: Phoebe's in her pram today. Can't help thinking it must be boring to be staring at the ceiling when she's used to being upright in a sling.

January 29: And once more there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. Well she's got no teeth, so gnashing of gums. Can you gnash gums? Poor grumpy baby.

January 31: Argh! Itchy breast keeping me awake again. Gerry.
[I assume that's supposed to be Grrrrrrr.]

3am makes me grumpy and wanting to throw things and shout at people. And unable to grammar.

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