Tuesday, June 14, 2005

film tag

Emerged from a weekend of weird sore throat coldy thing to discover I've been tagged by Nayf with a film meme thing. Since it's the blog equivalent of those annoying chain emails I tend not to pass on on principal, I'm not tagging anyone. But here are my answers, if you're interested.

1. The total number of DVDs, videos, and films I own.

That would be none. Unless you count the ever expanding pile of things I've videod off the telly and not got round to watching yet.

2. The last film I bought.

See above. Oh, I did buy a Wallace and Grommet DVD for my dad last Christmas.

3. The last film I watched.

Spent Sunday afternoon on the settee watching How to make an American Quilt, which is cheesy and weepy and too annoying to watch unless you're ill and have no brain power. The last film I saw at the cinema was Star Wars Episode 3, which was dreadful. Partly because I'd sort of decided against it before it started, but I can't help thinking if it wasn't part of the STAR WARS franchise, it would be panned.

4. My favourite five films of all time, ever.

Hmm, tricky. Off the top of my head:

Delicatessen - crazy Frenchness, canibalistic butchers, underground vegetarians, weird sickly yellows and reds.

Garden State - written and directed by the guy from Scrubs (Zach Braff). Saw this a few weeks ago on DVD. I wished I'd seen it on the big screen, there are so many wide angle shots and big open spaces that don't work so well on a postage stamp sized tv. Quiet, melancholic, but hopeful. Plus any film that soundtracks a climactic moment with Simon and Garfunkel has to be good.

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - crazy Spanishness with gazpacho soup.

Lost in Translation - beautiful wonderings round Tokyo.

Amelie - similar to Delicatessen in style and quirkiness. Pure escapism with a warm fuzzy glow.

5. Tag three people and have them blog this.

See above.


MonkeyPask said...

You have some of the same favorite movies as me!
I love Amelie & Lost in Translation

Did you like the recent film with the Amelie actress (set in the War?)

Are you an Audrey Hepburn fan?

Pig wot flies said...

If you mean A Very Long Engagement, I haven't seen it. Looks good though.

And yes! I'd forgotten Breakfast at Tiffany's or that would have been one of my five.

Monkeypask said...

Thats the one - I would say it was not quite as good as Amelie - but enjoyable on the same level.

I knew that someone with such good film taste would like Audrey too! - She Rules!
Breakfast at Tiffanys always comes out if I feel a little under the weather so I can have a little cry ( The book has an interestingly different ending - I can't decide if I prefer the film or the book - the film is good for a cry and the book for a bit of realism!)