Wednesday, June 29, 2005

hurrah for wireless internet!

Our hosts have got their wireless internet working, so I've posted stuff I wrote last night. Feeling pretty tired due to hot weather, lack of sleep and disorientation by time difference. Only 2 hours, but still confusing.

I'm OK though. Meeting useful, friendly people, finding stuff out, eating interesting food. (I've now had bread and salami three meals in a row.) I hope tonight's traditional Bulgarian food is something different.

Local wildlife - In a corner of the room is a very green fishtank containg two biggish fish and one enormous one which hangs around at the bottom of the tank looking like a bit of wood. Outside there seems to a dog asleep in the sun on every corner. The birds are very loud in the morning. There might have been a mosquito in my room last night.

I'm tired and I don't make sense.

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