Saturday, December 31, 2005

end of a year

2005 is nearly over. I'm about to be summoned for tea I think, so there isn't time for a proper round up, but I felt something was needed.

I started this year with no job. I end the year having just left one job and about to start another which I'm excited about.

I started the year with a red bug, I end the year with a turquoise one.

I started the year as a Londoner, I end the year soon to be a Cantabrian (by residence only, I'm still an Oxonian (and a Londoner) at heart.)

I started the year single, I end the year still single.

I started the year in a wonderful church that met in a school, I end the year in a growing and still wonderful church that meets in a cinema.

I started the year having not knit for years. I end the year a very keen and possibly obsessed kntter.

I started the year with one camera, I end the year with three (if you count the phone.)

I started the year trusting God for the next step. I end the year thankful for what He's done this year and trusting Him again to take me into the next exciting installment.

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