Thursday, September 07, 2006

not quite as bad as expected

Last night I played a cello* for the first time in about two years. And it didn't sound as terrible as I feared it might. I shall have to bring some music back next time I go to London and see if I can still play anything. I'd like to have another crack at Bach's cello suites. I played some of suite 1 while I was still having lessons and one movement (the Courante, I think) was one of my grade 6 pieces. I now know all the suites very well, having listened to them over and over and I'm hoping that might help my ability to play them. I'd really like to be able to play in worship, but I'm so constrained by having to have music in front of me. Perhaps I should try to teach myself chord structures or just sit and play along to the radio for hours and see if I get any better at turning the music in my head into finger and arm movements. Anyway, it was a pleasant suprise to find I could still make a tuneful noise.

*Sophia has a cello because a friend of hers is trying to teach her to play it.

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Debs said...

Will you take your cello back too, or just stick to playing Sophia's? I'm looking forward to seeing you.