Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Being a grownup is hard

They make it look so easy when you're small. But then you grow up and discover it's quite hard. And then you discover the grownups you thought were good at it are just as bad at stuff as you are. And this is not reassuring.

Pigwotflies is going on hiatus to do some growing up. I'll be back on my birthday, 13th October. Do leave me a comment and say hello or ask me a question and I will answer.

Pigwotknits will still be open for business.


Elly said...

You realy mean you aren't going to write anything for a bit. Oh.

nayf said...

Hey man! Hope you enjoy the break. Personally I find that realising that other people aren't the heroes I think they are is hard, but also quite liberating - because it reminds me that all of us are in the same boat of needing Christ's grace more and more each day. Knowing what Christ has done spurs me to join Paul in saying:

"What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?"

I'd quote the rest of Romans 8 here too, but I'd probably break something :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bekki
I have never commented on your blog before - I am a total stranger to you, who came across "The Pig Wot Flies" from the link on Adrian Warnock's blog (the name intrigued me!) I am a christian guy twice your age, who got hooked on following all that you write - probably my substitute for TV soaps (which I never watch - Ugh!)

Enough of the introduction. it sounds as if you are having a really rough time and need the prayers of the Lord's people, even those who don't know you. I really identify with your reluctance to use the telephone, believe it or not! I nearly came out of "lurk mode" when you posted that one, and I nearly did the same several months ago when you ignored the World Cup and spent the afternoon reading poetry (there are some sane people in the world after all!) I am trying to gather up the mental strength to make a series of calls in connection with my work that I have been putting off for some time, so I am with you on that one.

Even at my age I don't really feel grown up! I do know what tough times are like, and I know the Lord is there for us in ways we could never know if the tough times didn't come: He never does anything without a good, loving and gracious reason. I will pray that whatever is happening He will make Himself known to you, and I know He can come "out of the blue" with His light and love blazing out in the darkest, coldest time, when we least expect to feel Him near.

May our wonderful Lord do the same for you. And may you get back to blogging soon ;>)

Anonymous Pete

Nathan said...

Hey dude,

Not that I'm in position to tell anyone to do anything at this point, recent mess-ups considered, but: take your time, our kid, make sure there's people sharing the journey with you, and don't forget that eventually - maybe in 2 weeks, maybe in 2 years and maybe in heaven - you'll see where it was all pointing.

Bigbighugs, and mediumsizedprayers to a bigbigGod,


Rosie said...

I don't believe in "grown ups". My problem is that as I get older it just seems that people become more and mroe set in their ways. I think it was the designer, paul Smith, who said that what he values is people who are childlike (very different, as he points out, from being childish).
and we missed you at the KTog tonight, tho' perhaps I should post that over at Pig Wot Knits.

take care x

Rosie said...

Happy Birthday for Friday!