Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Hello! I'm back. Older, if not actually more grown-up.

Thank you to all the people who left encouraging messages and birthday wishes. They were all much appreciated. September was a bit of a rubbish month. Too much to do, too many mini existential crises. I needed to stop moaning on the blog and sort myself out a bit.

Anyway, I'm back. Normal service should resume. And it's my birthday, so all is good!


Debs said...

Happy Birthday Pig Wot. Welcome back :-)

HP said...

Happy birthday you
lovin it that your back
big hugs
sad i dont get to see you but have a brilliant day and say hello to Debs for me
love you

Debs said...

her back is what HP?
Or did you mean "you're back".

Anonymous said...

Great to see the Pig Flies again: long may you soar in the Lord's free, fresh air!

In Him

Anomymous Pete

rachael said...

what? your birthday? hooray!!

happy birthday! :D