Monday, October 30, 2006

time travel

It's been a good weekend. Film watching, shoe-buying, more film-watching, knitting, cooking curry for 14 people (yay for large living rooms!), admring the sunset, even more film-watching.

We (Mel and I) made a spontaneous decision to invite people back for lunch after church. So we invited people, and some of them invited other people and we ended up with 14 or so people for lunch. It was great! We cooked a couple of curries, rice, naans and salad. There were plenty of willing helpers, some people brought drinks or contributed ingredients or did the washing up and I loved it! Definitely to be repeated soon. After lunch we sat around and chatted, then a small remnant (6) went for a short expedition to Magog down. We just about had enough time to wander around, confuse some sheep and admire the sunset before the carpark closed. Then back home to watch gattaca, down to 4 of us, then finally 3 of us ate toast and humous for tea. I do like days full of people and fun.

This weekend's extra hour was spent sleeping. Which was a Good Thing. And now it's getting dark and it's not 5pm yet. Winter is approaching. Time to knit more jumpers.


HP said...

How did people bring ingredients? or had you invited them before sunday morning?
SOunds really fun.
I love hours spent with people too.
I miss home and church peeps and going to my group on wednesdays :-(
But i'm going to the thing tomoz with everyone together yay
Talk soon

Debs said...

What's Gattaca? Did you have 6 people in your car or did you have 2 cars? Sounds like fun.

Pig wot flies said...

Ruth brought veg, she lives just down the road. Other people went to the Coop or tescos on the way.
Gattaca is a film about genetics, sort of. Look it up on IMDB. We had 2 cars, Ruth's and John's. Mine didn't go becuase he was in disgrace after refusing to startv on Saturday.

Debs said...

Also, you've got lots of jumpers already