Friday, June 15, 2007


Today is peaceful, so far. I'm at home writing an essy. Not much progress so far.
Once again, I failed to stay asleep past 8am. I think I've discovered why - the number of alarm clocks that go off between 8 and half past. Alarm clocks wake me up very easily and I generally switch mine off within a few rings. It seems my neighbours don't. I'm not sure what the solution is. Going to bed earlier, probably.

Essay writing today, fun tomorrow. I'm off to a wedding. Hoorah!


Elly said...

I know sleeping is tempting but actually your body is better is if it keeps a fairly normal time to get up even on a holiday. Going to bed earlier is the answer. you can tell me that too.

Sian said...

Bekki if you stay asleep longer than 8am you'll have missed half of the morning! And when Saturday is your only day off, you want to make the most of it and not miss any of it! Also, it is possibly just that your body is used to waking up at that time. I always wake up normal time on the weekends now too.