Monday, June 11, 2007

good things

Doctor Who (Don't blink!), sunshine, cinnamon tea, red nail polish, singing, sleep, friends, poppies, avocado and goat cheese salad, flags, God, housemates (mine, I've no idea what the ones on the telly are up to), silver shoes, pink dresses, beads, the feeling of summer (however short-lived).


Debs said...

Oh those angels really scared me (Doctor who). Mummy said 'why are you still watching then?' But I said 'well I can't stop now, I wouldn't get to see the end when it all turns out right', so I had to watch it all. And it was ok in the end, but they still scared me.

Sian said...

the bbc rated it really scary and issued a warning for parents to tape it and show it to kids WAY before their bedtime. First ever! I haven't seen it yet though. Waiting for a time long enough before bed.

Elly said...

cinnamon tea? Can;t say I like the sound of that. Most otf the others sound ok. Pink dresses? have you got a new one? Flags? Daddy is excited about our first poppy in the garden.

Pig wot flies said...

Definitely my favourite Dr Who episode of this series. Such a simple idea, but brilliant and properly scary. (In a good way).

Cinnamon tea is yummy. It's black tea with bits of cinnamon in.
The pink dress I bought last time I went shopping in London. I was prancing around with flags on Sunday evening at church (growth group leaders plus others training, well more of a worship session really).

HP said...

I missed Dr Who :(
But it really freaked my housemate out big time. Poor child. She really didnt like it and it keeps meaning she doesnt want to go to bed.
I'm looking forward to seeing it when i get back though.