Monday, June 04, 2007

on time and not having enough of it

I've had a good weekend. Went to see Cymbeline on Saturday with my mum and my uncle, which was great fun. Possibly Shakespeare's most bonkers play, in which it seems anything can happen and probably will. Apparently some of the most bonkers bits were cut, so I'll have to read it to find out what they were.

Sunday, went to Jubilee, heard Adrian preach on Missional Bible Study (good stuff, lots to think about about and more importantly, put into practice) and caught up with friends. We spent the afternoon doing and finishing the Guardian crossword from Saturday. It was good to be relaxing with my family, enjoying the sunshine and just being.

And now it's Monday again. It's not sunny. I have lots of non-work things to do (sort out my car, read, write an essay, possibly knit a shawl to wear to a wedding at the end of June, although the yarn's not arrived yet and I haven't bought a dress yet, sleep) and quite a lot of work things to do. Weekends never feel long enough.

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