Friday, October 05, 2007


I've just been asked for ID buying wine (and other things) at the Co-op. To be asked whether one is over 18, a week or so before one turns 28, is flattering, I suppose. But I was feeling all grown up and sophisticated in my new coat and favourite boots. The woman at the cash desk was apologetic and decided it was a sign she was getting old.


elly said...

Take it as a compliment love. It just goes to show how good you look - the new improved you.
New coat - you bought one then. Tell me more

Pig wot flies said...

It's knee-length, light grey, with a pointy collar, 4 big buttons down the front and pockets with false buttoned flaps. It was an Oxfam bargain at £6.99.

Amrita said...

Hi baby doll. People also thought I was younger than my age. But now i think I look old.