Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lazy sheep

lazy sheep, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

I had a lovely Valentine's Day. I saw sheep and pigs and donkeys and rabbits and cows.

It was a good day.


RobHu said...

I also had a lovely valentine's day, and saw sheep and pigs and donkeys and rabbits and cows.

What an incredible coincidence!

Lauren said...

hmmm...I think that is a very strange coincidence indeed.

Nathan said...

Quite, Lauren. But it can't be anything else, or Bekki surely would have blogged it, eh? Purest, strangest coincidence.

Also, I know a man called Lazy Shaun. The sheep reminded me of him and I smiled.

Lauren said...

do you think so, Nathan? maybe Bekki's the type that keeps the best parts for herself...she could be so incandescently happy that the desires to blog were simply aloof. I like to imagine that Bekki's been just so giddy that she just couldn't think to sit still long enough to boot-up her computer and load her internet browser and blog. She's too busy living life!

Nathan said...

It's a fun thought. I like to think of Bekki at the moment like Jane Bennett post Bingley's return, and I don't think Jane would have had the time or the inclination to blog (Elizabeth would have blogged; Mary too, though it would have been unreadably pious; Lydia would have had some hideous pink Xanga page; Kitty would not have seen the point) so I rather think you're right.