Monday, February 09, 2009

sometimes life trumps blogging

This is one of those times. I am happy. Lots of lovely things have happened in the last week and a bit. Maybe I'll tell the blog about them, maybe I won't.

Today has been a cold sort of Monday. Cold and damp. I spent the afternoon tucked up in the warm reading Permutation City which, so far, is interesting. Tonight was Rev in a freezing cold Trinity chapel. Singing is always fun, but we were all fairly chilly by the end of the evening.

Tomorrow is a day off, which will probably get filled up with useful things like washing, with a fun evening to look forward to. Yay for friends!


Lauren said...

woah! It was cold and damp here too! and tomorrow I have off as well! I'm going to watch a movie and sleep in. but in the other order = sleep in and THEN watch a movie. and maybe go for a walk to the park if the weather permits.

I'm so glad you're happy!!!!!

HP said...

I first read this as being 'tucked up in the freezer' and was slightly worried!! I'm glad that wasnt actually the case.
Yay for real life. Have missed posts but enjoyed shaing in real life too!!