Monday, July 10, 2006


stratford station, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

Once upon a time, this was part of my daily commute to work. London has its beauties and the sun streaming through Stratford Station is one of them.

Then I moved from London to Cambridge and switched from being part cyclist, part tube-rat, so being a mostly cyclist and now an everyday cyclist. My new route to work is much quicker on a bike that it would be in a car, so I'm not tempted to drive and there isn't a useful bus. This morning I cycled past cars, people on their way to work or school, green spaces and historic buildings. There are things I miss about getting the tube, having time to read and knit on the way to work, mostly. But there are things I don't miss too, like black bogies, underground confined spaces and the smells that linger in them.

I don't think I've left London forever, but I like living in small city for a change.

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Rosie said...

eew, black bogies...brings back memories of my London commuting days 20+ years ago. hope you're settling in well in your new home: we missed you at knitting last night!