Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hot, tired, busy

Not much blogging likely this week or next. We've got a two week conference on at work and I'm busy from morning to night. Still quite tired and not eating much, so I'm trying to take it steadily. Cambridge college conference cuisine is not conducive to convalescence.

It's going well so far, apart from a minor disasater on Sunday night when we turned up at the place we were going for dinner to find they weren't expecting us at all. Completely my fault. I thought I'd made the booking, but apparently had only asked for a quote and never confirmed it. We ended up in a restaurant instead and people had a good time and probably better food than they would otherwise have had, but it was an expensive mistake to make.

Hopefully the rest of the conference will go more smoothly.


Debs said...

Good to hear you're still alive. I've been meaning to ring, but heat is turning my brain to mush and I haven't done half the things I probably ought to have done. Luckily, I also can't remember them so I'm not worrying too much about them at the moment.

HP said...

loving the alliteration in this post. Glad to see your brain is as ative as evr even if your body isnt up to it.
lots of love and hugs.

elly said...

I wondered if the alliteration was deliberate or not. quite a tongue twister anyhow.
Love from Mum