Thursday, February 15, 2007

chocolate fondue

valentines meal, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

We had fun last night. Lots of food, lots of chat, watched Monsters, Inc (Why have I never seen it before? It's lovely!).

Valentines photo set


Debs said...

Was it south beach friendly fondue?! ;-)

blest said...

I see all. I know all. Do I need to WHONK you?!

Debs said...

See, I could've told you you'd get a WHONK from Blest!

HP said...

It isn't your hand in the fore picture is it?

Pig wot flies said...

No it's Liz's. No not particularly Beach-ish. I had a very small quantity.

Nathan said...

The bit in Monsters Inc. where Scully says goodbye to Boo and they hug always - ALWAYS - makes me actually cry. Like, having to blink really hard and hope no-one's watching cry. He's so big and she's so small - awwwww!!!!

Having totally laid waste to anyone's opinion of my manhood now I shall go to bed.



Nathan said...


Blest, you're like my favourite nearly-Thinkling but you can't whonk someone for eating chocolate fondue! It's got happiness and good conversation where the calories would normally be.

If that's what whonking's about, which I could be getting horribly wrong.

Pig wot flies said...

Thanks for leaping to my defence Nathan! Actually, I have no guilt at all about eating a small quantity of chocolate fondue with my friends. I'll let you know when I need a whonk Blest. (like for eating a large quantity of chocolate all to myself.)

blest said...

Hey - I only WHONK out of love! hee hee hee

And PWF, I like your attitude!