Friday, February 09, 2007

style and substance

I've just been going through my wardrobe, discovering old clothes. Most fun, finding things that haven't fitted for years and finding that now, they do. Yay for shrinking me! Trouble is, the things I like best are the things I'm least likely to get to wear - a black empire line dress I made for a ball and wore once, a silk/linen blend tailored jacket in pale sky blue, perfect for a spring wedding, but not really the thing in freezing February. What to do? Anyone planning a ball in the next month or so? Or maybe a Pride and Prejudice themed party?

Actually, maybe I should just plan one of those, myself. Anyone want to come? We could watch P&P on DVD (we've got the BBC version at our house). We could see if we can teach ourselves some Regency dances, and generally flit around in pretty dresses. But we'd need some gorgeous menfolk to dress up in breeches. I can't actually see any of the men of my acquaintance finding it much fun. Ah well.

So I shall either have to overdress for work one of these days, or suddenly acquire some friends with the kind of lifestyles that require black tie several times a month. Shouldn't be too hard in Cambridge, right?

And looking on the bright side, when I lose more weight and all my clothes no longer fit me, I get to buy and make more. And an excuse for more clothes is always a good thing. :-)


HP said...

I wanna come to the P&P party. We have the BBC version here but we still haven't got round to watdching it yey. I wanna see my beautiful shrinking sister in beautiful clotthes, especially ones made by her. To be fair though i'd settle for seing you whatever you were wearing. i miss you :(
love you

Anonymous said...

Come to India Becki...people like to overdress could go shopping in those clothes...just kidding. How clever you are at making clothes. Amrita